“Ashadhi Ventures” is the first and only “Social Startup” in India, started online by like-minded Marathi people. Established on May 2, 2021 under the Companies Act, Government of India, the company is now in good shape and we are working on a very innovative concept called “Open Entrepreneurship”. At Ashadhi Ventures, we work on social capital, social experimentation, social innovation and social returns. It is a fusion concept where like-minded people come together and share their time and resources to do something positive and rewarding while maintaining social consciousness.

Basically the whole concept of business revolves around making money. Which to a certain extent we are all doing in our respective jobs or businesses. But what happens is, while running after money, one just miss living. Everyone has this experience with a slight difference. It is common for a high-ranking official or an ordinary housewife! Everyone wants to live … but no one knows exactly how … we are all living! And living happily. We are realizing our dreams to a greater or lesser extent by doing something at our own level and also shaping the next generation .. But still there is a hustle and bustle .. something is missing for sure … Happiness? Pleasure? Zing? Miracle? .. There is no point in following these overrated words ..

The only thing thats missing is .. Passion! We have lost our passion in whatever job, business or whatever we are doing and running after money..

And this is exactly what we want to do in Ashadhi Ventures. Basically there is no happiness like creation! Something has to be made and it has to reach many people. There is a social entrepreneurship worth thousands of crores of rupees like Lijjat Papad that sell papad. It doesn’t matter what you do. What matters is how you do it.. and while following your passion whom do you come across.. this is very lively .. Many “Warkari” who join “Ashadhi Wari” only get to see the temple and not the lord Vithhal. There may be some achievement for sure when you see Vitthal, but Wari is the meaning of life.

Startup is not the just an opportunity to make money. This is a chance to explore yourself. Judge your abilities. Know exactly what are you made of. An opportunity to follow your passion. Ofcourse there is a cost involved in creating such an opportunity. But it is not useful to come from donations, because then the expectation of donations will also come along. Hence the nature and shareholding of this professional company. “Ashadhi Ventures” aims to raise 1000 members and a capital of Rs. 1 crore in 1000 days of 3 years. From this we want to give birth to a “rural Amazon” called “Gavaran”.

Ashadi Ventures Pvt. Ltd. is a company registered under the Companies Act, Government of India. It does not in any way relate to or support multilevel / network marketing by any means. This is not a “get rich quick” scheme or a lottery-like opportunity. A social startup is not a social work or a social organization.